God Speaks

“In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.”

John 1:1

Does God speak today? Did He stop with the Apostles? Biblical writers?

He speaks today. He spoke yesterday. And He will continue speaking tomorrow. Laura and I were never ones who thought that God had stopped speaking. We knew that He spoke to Christ followers today. He seemed to speak to some more than others…

November 2017 came along and we needed to hear from Him. From there, our journey began toward hearing Him better. It started with humble surrender. Surrender to God’s word. Surrendering “self” to His thoughts and His directives from scripture. Over the next 18 months, God revealed Himself to us…He spoke to us. The more we surrendered, the more He spoke. The more distractions we got rid of, the more He spoke.

Y’all, He spoke through so many avenues. First and foremost, the Bible became more alive in our hearts. God made His Word jump out at us. Even with passages that we had read so often before. As we memorized scripture, it sustained us…came out at the right time.

He spoke through fellow believers in deep counsel. Books based on His Word challenged us and made us think. One of the sweetest avenues of His conversation with us was via songs. It is amazing to wake in the morning with a song in your head, a song based on His Word. We’d know that the song was from Him because in many cases, we hadn’t heard the song in a while AND in some way, the song’s lyrics were preparing us for what we would face later in the day.

The center of all His speaking was His Word. What we read in scripture would match what fellow believers would say. Scripture we read would match the books we read. Scripture would match the songs placed in our hearts and minds.

Please don’t think I’m pushing legalistic rule following. It’s okay to read other things…we read biographies, fiction, etc. We still rock out to secular songs at times. But, what we want to express is that at the center of your life and what you put in should be God’s Word. Make it the foremost.

Guys and gals, fill your life with His Word. Surrender your all to Him. Seek Him and His Word first in your day (Matt 6:33). Seek after His Word like it’s your Bread of Life that sustains you (John 6:35). Talk “deep” things of God with your brothers and sisters. Listen to songs that: A) glorify God, B) are Christ centered/focused, and C) match what you read in scripture.

God Speaks. God Speaks Today. He spoke time into existence and He wants to talk to you today. He will not be second fiddle. Give him your all…get rid of the distractions that keep you from seeking after Him with all of your being. Listen for Him and hold on, He will speak and you’ll never be the same!!

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