Just Be

“What has God shown you during this time of ‘social-distancing’?”

This question hung in the air as a group of believers pondered what the Holy Spirit had been showing them in God’s Word and in time of prayer.   As folks shared, it was a blessing to be reminded of different truth’s from God’s Word.  That’s the power of true Biblical community…God’s Word coming alive through His people.

What had God shown me??  Many things ran through my head.  The blessings of gleaning different truths from Psalms, as well as, the Apostles Matthew, Peter, and Paul.  The extra time given over the last week to 10 days had also allowed reading from John Piper and Charles Spurgeon.  But, what was God showing me through His servants and their writings.

Just Be.

God reminded me of the importance of ‘just being’ in the moment.  Living for right now and what God has placed in front of me.  

Plans are good.  Planning is a good thing.  The Bible teaches us to plan.  Go and look over the different places in the Bible that show the wisdom of planning:  Genesis 41, Prov 15 & 21.  The Bible does teach that it is wise to plan and have an abundance of counselors.

Yet for many of us, especially Westerners, our plans become our master.  We get engulfed in making sure our plans succeed.  Or, we become so focused on the plans, that we have laid out, that we don’t see opportunities right in front of us.  Opportunities that God is giving to bring Him glory through an act of service or a kind word or timely pat on the back.  

We often forget the Bible’s other teachings on planning/plans.  That God ordains our days (Psalm 139:16) and we need to be taught to number our days (Ps 90:12).  Many are our plans but the LORD’s will stand (Prov 19:21).  Our hearts are streams of water and the LORD turns it wherever he wills (Prov 21:1).  God’s ways aren’t ours and His ways are higher (Isaiah 55:8,9).  Yes, we should plan but also remember that God is Sovereign…His plans supersede ours.

In the first few months of being here, I was set on plans.  “Gotta get the language down in 6 months.”  “We need to focus on our family acclimating to the culture.”  “Establish a routine and get settled.”  All good, wise points of counsel, but the plans had become my master.  There were days when I was salty and missing opportunities to love because I was focused on the plans getting done.  There was no anxiousness or fear; however, frustration and general saltiness were present. 

Jesus has some things to teach us about our concerns for tomorrow (plans).  In Matthew 6, He tells us not to worry about tomorrow for today has enough trouble.  In chapter 4 of his epistle, James helps us stay in the moment by reminding us that we don’t know what tomorrow will bring.  He tells us to say, “If the Lord wills…”

God is showing us to ‘Just Be’.  ‘Just Be’ with Him.  ‘Just Be’ with those He has placed around us.  ‘Just Be’ engulfed in Him for He is the ultimate prize.  ‘Just Be’ in the moment.  Focus on what He is putting right in front of us and remember that His plans supersedes ours.

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