Community Keeps us Sane

Before anyone jumps to any conclusions, “YES”…we are okay.  No, we aren’t doubting God or taking our eyes off Him.  His presence in this stormy season keeps us going.  The daily input of God’s Word and prayer keep us anchored in Him.

But…why the catchy, outlandish title.  We believe that our family and friends in the States need to hear that ‘Community’ has been a tool that God has employed to keep us sane.  Amongst the ministry changes, the Rona, and some illness, Community has been there to help us.  You see, God made you to be in relationship…to be in Community.  In our next blog, we’ll explain where we see that in the Bible.  But for now, let us share with you the folks that God has put here with us to help us keep our eyes on Him through Community.

Mashito & Nicho:  These 2 young men have been close to us in all of our trips to Guate.  Once we landed, we began having them in our home.  They are young men who grew up in the ministry and have hearts full of love.  Whatever we ask, they jump to help and serve.  Their presence at Birthday parties, meals, card games, driving practice, adventures to the local market & Sunday gatherings have brought smiles and plenty of laughter.  Joy of the Lord.

Marroquin’s:  Allan, Glendy, and Stacy live here at the Academy with us.  Kickball definitely has its twists and turns when they are around.  Allan brings fun in many different ways and Glendy’s laugh can be contagious.  Also, Paul wouldn’t know where to drive the PowerWheels car without Stacy directing.  Those two understand their own little form of Spanglish. Fun from the Lord.

Rolfe’s:  Matt and Brooke moved here with us and we are so thankful for their friendship.  They are a young couple seeking God’s will for their service to the nations.  Brooke grew up here and is fluent in Spanish, whilst Matt has a servant’s heart and has picked up the language quick.  Card games and late night chats are sources of refreshment.  We would’ve been lost without them.  From trips to the grocery store at touchdown to helping fill out medical forms recently, their help and partnership have been invaluable!! Brooke’s sacrifice to help us with language has been such a huge service and blessing to our family. Service for the Lord to His sheep.

Friendship from the Lord

Schmidt’s:  Fast Friends!!  With the addition of 2 new meat cows, we even have the beginnings of Schmilson’s Farms.  Mark has made Ryan feel at home…more than once, the kids have said, “you are just like my Uncle Josh (and Uncle John)”.   Gina has been a true friend for Laura and their kids, Cruz, Nico, and Lucas, have been adventurous playmates for our kids.  It has been a true blessing to have them as friends to serve with, play games, gather for “church”, and make trips to Antigua just for the heck of it.  They are dear to us and we thank God for their friendship. Friendship in the Lord.

BVSA Missionaries all over the world: We’ve had time together every week during zoom calls with our BVSA family. We spend time worshipping together, studying God’s Word, encouraging one another and praying for one another. We are thankful for the community we have with our BVSA family. Encouragement from the Lord.

Family, Friends, & our Church Family back in the States: We are thankful from the Lord for our family, friends, and church family that have loved, supported, encouraged, and prayed for our family. Even though we are apart in distance and miss you all, God has still given us time and laughter together. God has strengthened and deepened our relationships. We truly look forward to Face-times and Marco Polos and hopefully visits once the borders open! Their love and support are a gift from the Lord. Love from the Lord.

Our prayer is that you can name folks in your life who point you to God. Folks that you walk with toward God. Folks that you can call when the storm is raging.

We dearly love our Community God has given us and look forward to others that God will allow us to walk through life with.  Our prayer is that these folks know how much we love them and praise our God for their friendship!!

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