Alone Makes Easy Prey

Be sober-minded; be watchful. Your adversary the devil prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour. Resist him, firm in your faith, knowing that the same kinds of suffering are being experienced by your brotherhood throughout the world.

I Peter 5:8-9

If you are running alone, you are easy pickings for the devil.    Your salvation is between God and yourself, not God and your fam/friends.  However, the Christian walk is to be made within a Community of Believers, not alone.  

Ever watched ‘Nature’ shows??  A Cape Buffalo is one tough hombre.  Even alone, an adult Cape Buffalo is extremely formidable, yet a pride of lions can take it down when its alone.  If that one lone adult is weak or injured, a single lion can pull it down.  However, when a Cape Buffalo is in it’s herd, a lion will not bring it down…even if it’s sick.  A herd of Cape Buffalo are not something a lion wants to mess with unless ravaged by hunger.  Let that be an example to you.  

The question we all need to ask ourselves is: “Why do we think we can run alone?”  Why do we think we can run around alone and be healthy?  Many were doing this even before the Corona virus was doing what it does.  Now, the havoc of COVID has only magnified a problem that was already there.  Hallmarks of being ‘Alone’, anxiety, fear, depression, loneliness, and inadequacy, are rampant in our society…a society that is “educated”, “connected”, and “wealthy”.  A society that should be leaders and know what being alone does to you. 

History Channel has a TV show called “Alone.”  Basically, folks are dumped into a wilderness situation with limited tools…alone.  It is an interesting watch from a sociological standpoint.  Many of the folks can survive and do well physically, yet “tap out” because they cannot remain “alone”.  Well before COVID hit, a secular TV show was showing us that it is not good to do life alone.  Pretty interesting, the Bible has been showing us that for a long, long time.

So, Christians, how have we allowed ourselves to be educated to believe we should stay away from each other to remain healthy.  Why are we allowing COVID to divide us and keep us alone?  Yes, you should respect governing authorities and be smart when you gather with others (wash your hands and don’t cough in your friend’s face).  But seriously, you are going to avoid visiting with other believers, sharing burdens, and worshipping together because you think you can control COVID and whether you get it.  Who of you can add another day to your life by worrying?  Who of you ordains your days?  In the chaos of 2 separate Cholera outbreaks in London, Charles Spurgeon continued to visit the sick and dying.  He knew God controlled his days and went out into the teeth of the epidemic to share Christ’s love.  Zoom calls help but aren’t the same…a camera isn’t going to give you that real time emotion or reassuring touch that your fellow believer can. 

Come together children of God.  Run with your herd.  Help each other get healthy spiritually.  Help each other remain healthy spiritually by fighting against anxiety, fear, depression, loneliness, and inadequacy.  By God’s grace, we are not an only child. We were adopted into God’s family.  Take advantage of that beautiful gift.  God’s fingerprints are all over creation and pointing back to Him. Take that hint from God’s creation.  It’s much easier to stand firm when you are a part of a herd.  Get involved, stand firm alongside your family, and resist the devil…he’s prowling around looking to devour someone.  Alone, you’re an easy target.

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