‘Give Thanks’

Another year.  Another Blog on Thanksgiving.  That wasn’t the plan this morning when I sat down for my time in God’s Word.  Yet, the below thoughts came out of God’s Word.  Little bit different style today but the hope is that God will speak through the words.

  • Psalm 33:1-6:  Sing praises…Sing with joy…Praise the Lord with music…The Word of the LORD is right and true
  • Psalm 118:1, 19-21:  Give thanks to the LORD for He is good; His love endures forever…Give thanks to the LORD for salvation
  • Psalm 116:17:  Offer a sacrifice of Thanksgiving to the LORD…call upon His name
  • Psalm 107:21-22:  Give Thanks to the LORD for His unfailing love…sacrifice Thank offerings…tell of His works with joyful singing
  • Romans 12:1-2:  Previous 11 chapters are theology/what God did for us, now Paul is telling us to give ourselves as living sacrifices…offering ourselves as living sacrifices is our spiritual service of worship

The Psalmists talk of ‘Giving Thanks’ constantly.  It’s all over the Psalms.  I’m pretty confident that all of them didn’t write on the same day.  I’m also pretty confident that it wasn’t just one day a year that they wrote or thought about ‘Giving Thanks’.  Nor of singing of God’s goodness only one day a week.

The pattern we see, and what makes the most sense, is being ‘Thankful’ EVERY DAY, not just on Thanksgiving!!  If we are honest, that should be our habit.  We should be in the habit of remembering God’s grace and mercy every day.  When you remember God’s grace, ‘Thanksgiving’ should spill out of your mouth.

Today is centered around fellowship and food.  The spreads that families set out is amazing.  Time with family and friends is special. Let’s enjoy and be thankful for the fellowship and food God has given us; however, let’s think about the food that nourishes our soul.

In John 6, Jesus said, “I AM the Bread of Life.”  He was talking to a culture who needed to figure out their food situation every day. He was telling them that He was their sustenance.  He was the daily bread for their soul.

Distractions wouldn’t keep them from getting bread every day.  They had to find it or make bread every day in order to survive.  

Are distractions (social media, politics, job, fam, TV, sports, etc) keeping you from getting your sustenance EVERY DAY??   

If you didn’t eat for 2 days…a week…a month, how would your body feel??  How about your soul??  

Is your soul starving??

Remember who you are.  A dirty rotten sinner in need of grace.  In need of salvation.  Remember that EVERY DAY and ‘Give Thanks’.  ‘Give Thanksgiving’ to God EVERY DAY for Christ’s Work on the Cross. May this every day offering of Thanksgiving drive you to the One who can nourish your soul and keep you full.

“Give thanks to the LORD, for He is good.  His love endures forever.”  Psalm 118:1

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