Beautiful Circles

Dennilson (Nicho) and Araceli married on July 31, 2021.  It has been a joy to watch Nicho grow over the years and now start to lead a family.  Yes, a family starts with the marriage of a man and a woman…that’s God’s design.  But that is not what this blog is about.  

A lot of folks ask if BVSA works with girls.  Or the questions of ‘will we work with girls’ or ‘are you guys planning to work more with girls’ are asked.  All are fair questions.  Yes, we do work with girls in the village BUT our primary goals of ministry are to chase hard after the boys of the community and use soccer to share the Gospel with them.  Our prayer is that, as the Holy Spirit changes the hearts of young boys, the whole community will be affected.  

In many, many places around this world, men’s dominance and self-exaltation cause ALOT of heartache, destruction, and chaos.  In the wake of their destruction, women and children are often casualties.  Women and children are considered property.  They are treated on the same level as animals.  The view is that women and children are at the disposal of whatever the man wants to do.  Seeing that men are generally larger and stronger and more aggressive, it is not hard to deny that men will and do dominate.  A heart bent on obtaining money, things, sex, and power cannot not be restrained by those who cannot physically challenge them.  Take off your Westernized goggles, step out of Hollywood and look at the World as a whole.  Men dominate and women and children are left to try to survive as second class beings. 

Have you seen what is happening in Afghanistan or anywhere the Taliban is in control? How do men treat women there? Have you been to places in this world where women have no personal rights or are considered property?  Women basically are only allowed to have a bunch of kids, work only as the husband’s maid, cook, slave, etc. Have you heard of places where fathers sell their daughters as sex slaves so that they can eat?  The reality is that, in much of the world, men dominate, and women and children suffer. 

The beauty and truth of the Biblical worldview is that EVERY person has value because they are made in the image of God.  Men and women, boys and girls are counted as equal in God’s economy.  At the Cross, there is no distinction.  Even though God did NOT make men and women the same, and with different roles, both are EQUAL IN VALUE to God.  (See Genesis 1-2; Galatians 3:26-29; Romans 3:22; Colossians 3:11)

Knowing that, for most of the world, men cause a ton of problems; we feel called to chase hard after boys and young men.  We want to share Jesus with these boys in the hope that the Holy Spirit will change their hearts and give them a true Biblical worldview.  A view where they see women and children as having value equal to theirs.  A view where women and children thrive in their God given roles.

Recently, God gave us all some sweet confirmation of this calling.  Before their marriage, Araceli was sharing that she is overjoyed.  She has been praying and asking for God to send her a God-fearing, loving husband who cherishes and respects her.  God answered those prayers.  The answer to those prayers is Nicho.  

Even before their marriage, Nicho was leading and instructing Araceli in God’s word.  He respected her as a person made in the image of God.  He lovingly served and treated her in ways that no man had ever done. Araceli sees Jesus through Nicho.  Araceli feels the love of Jesus through Nicho.  Aracelli is valued by Nicho.  Araceli fulfills her God given roles of womanhood as Nicho fulfills his God given roles of manhood. 

What is so sweet is that the Academy has been a part of this story.  Nicho has shared that before BVSA came to the village; he had not heard the true Gospel.  The Holy Spirit has changed his heart.  Throughout his time here at the Academy, he has heard the Gospel.  He has responded to the Gospel.  And he has been discipled by Godly men and families.  Nicho has seen how women, children and men can prosper in a family guided by Jesus Christ. Nicho is growing into a Godly man, and it is super sweet to see him leading a family.  What is cool is that Nicho is not alone.  Others have and are doing what he is doing.  

Yes, we will continue working with girls in the village.  We will support ministries that chase hard after girls and women. But, until God tells us to do something different, we are going to work as hard as we can in our calling through and by His grace (2 Corinthians 15:10).

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