Mountainous Pulpit

A new friend of mine was telling me about his career as we talked life the other day. For well over 20 years, Mr. Bob has been teaching and coaching. He is still coaching football and wrestling.  Over his career, Bob has coached many sports and had the opportunity to invest in many young lives.  Early in... Continue Reading →

God Speaks

"In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God."John 1:1 Does God speak today? Did He stop with the Apostles? Biblical writers? He speaks today. He spoke yesterday. And He will continue speaking tomorrow. Laura and I were never ones who thought that God had stopped speaking.... Continue Reading →

A Heart Changed by Jesus

Well, this “no tech savvy” fam is trying to get blogging so we can share about our journey and what God is doing in our lives. Above you get to see Darwin aka Caveman or Mash (“mawsh”). He is one of the young men that we have grown to love down there in those mountains... Continue Reading →

Our Odyssey as Christ Followers

We grew up in Southeast Georgia and eventually married in 2002. Through the years of growing in marriage and raising our 5 children, God has cultivated a heart for missions and has been preparing us to be sent out. God has opened our eyes to the great need for more laborers to be sent to... Continue Reading →

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